How It Works

Join the thousands of other Filipinos who have registered their Facebook account with OFW Watch. You are not alone…

Filipinos in trouble.

No matter where in the world we are located, there are hundreds if not thousands of successful Filipinos nearby.

Strong and successful OFWs.

Targeted Alerts…

Targeted messaging.

We will alert you via a private message, if an OFW near you is in trouble. The alert will come with a recommended course of action.

You will decide, in complete privacy, if the recommended course of action is for you. The course of action will NEVER involve a request for financial help. We are already treated like a milking cow by almost everyone. We will NOT allow that to happen here.

In return for registering, we will give you a FREE library of online services to help make your life as an OFW or Expat easier. This is our way of giving back as part of the Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.

I am safe already… Why is this important to me?

The abuse suffered by migrant workers could easily happen to those who may follow you overseas in the future. A brother, a sister, a niece or nephew… a son or a daughter. In every case, the abuse happens to someone who is loved.

The reality is… there are ten million of us working all over the world. No government agency can effectively watch over such overwhelming numbers. However, social media thrives on overwhelming numbers. We must use this fact to watch out for each other. There is really no other way. We must help ourselves. Please register your Facebook account.

The concept behind OFW Watch is simple… we are NOT helpless.

The Philippines may be a nation of migrant workers,but we are NOT a nation of helpless victims.

We are successful, strong and technically savvy. Together, we account for over 20 million Facebook accounts.

Our vision for the future…

The evils of human trafficking and modern day human slavery happen in the dark. Darkness falls upon the migrant worker when their communications with the outside world is cut.

Even in the dark,
We can not use technology to detect if someone is being beaten or abused, but we can use social media and reports from family members to detect when a migrant worker stops communicating. This is the first red flag that something terrible has gone wrong.

Phase one has begun…

Before we can help anyone, we must first get a network in place. Protect yourself. Protect your Family. Protect those who may follow you in the future.

Please register your Facebook account.


Note: —OFW Watch is a private sector initiative led by Mynd Dynamic Team, Inc., an IT-BPO located in Mindanao with a specialty in social media application development. —Mynd Dynamic and OFW Watch were founded by Myrna Padilla, a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for over 20 years and an internationally recognized advocate for the OFW. Read more…