Kan-ya Int’l Services Corp. Agency…DH bound for Hong Kong- No Placement Fee, how true is it?


Tanong ko lang po kung meron na po ba sa inyong nakapag apply at na deploy na DH bound for Hongkong sa agency na ito? Naka schedule na po akong interviewhin ng agency next week. Implemented na po kaya sa lahat ng agency ang NO PLACEMENT FEE POLICY ng POEA para sa mga DH applicant papuntang Hongkong. Tinatanong ko po yong agency kung talaga bang no placement fee sila pero ang laging sagot during interview at briefing ko pa daw malalaman. Ayoko naman pong pumunta agad na may doubt kasi nandito pa ako ngayon sa province. Sana po masagot nyo mga katanungan ko. Thank you and more power!

Tags: asked July 11, 2013
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July 11, 2013

1 Answer

Hello Melissa,

We have checked the Name of the Recruitment Agency that you provided and the result from OFWWATCH DIRECTORIES AND POEA IS :

Status of Recruitment Agencies as of Jul 9, 2013 9:39:02 AM
Search result : 0 agency/ies found with names having the word 'Kan-ya International Services Corp. Agency'

If you want to recheck it just go to our website under OFWWATCH DIRECTORIES and type the name of your Agency in the search engine box and click search.  You can also double check it in POEA Website under Recruitment Agency Search Engine box.

We are giving you a "GOOD READ" informative Articles that we featured in OFWWATCH TIPS for your reference and please learn lessons from these TIPs.

Despite complainant’s retraction, POEA cancels license of erring recruiter deploying HSWs to Hong Kong
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Now you may ask - How to Identify Illegal Recruiters?

OFWs must always be vigilant as they never know when they would fall into someone’s trap and turn them into victims of human trafficking, also called “MODERN DAY HUMAN SLAVERY”
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A May 15, 2013, press release from the Department of Labor and Employment
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All the best and God bless to you.... Melissa.


















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July 11, 2013

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